I created the concept and storyboard for this piece. This storyboard was fairly basic because I had also hashed out the layout for the piece with the art team leader and the flash artist who would create it. Both were highly experienced.

Begin Storyboard
ASSET TYPE: FLASH template for settlement use

OBJECTIVE: To allow students to create their own New England settlement, to observe and confirm patterns in land use.

This is a "puzzle" for students to discover the patterns of settlement.
Begin with a blank map of Plymouth in the background. Along the sides make available houses, woods, farmland, a church, town buildings…

Allow students to copy as many of the puzzle pieces as they wish and arrange them on the map. When they "submit," a town will appear next to theirs to show the differences. For the reference town, WSG use these tools to create a New England settlement near the river, clumped around a church building and common area, with rings of closely arranged homes and businesses. Farms are very small.

Towns were always located near sources of fresh water.
The common building, where religious services and town meetings were held, was the center of life and the town.
The commons area was a central space for community activities.
Homes and businesses surrounded the common building and green space in rings.
New England did not have many large farms. This kept the homes closer together.
Residents shared common pasture and woodlands.